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About JI

Journeyman International was born from a dream to rebuild the world.

And we are just getting started.

This year, 6,350 students will graduate with architecture degrees from universities across the country. If these students dedicated university studio hours to humanitarian design projects, 6,858,000 hours would be dedicated to designing solutions to the greatest challenges facing our world.

By partnering student designers with local and global humanitarian organizations, JI provides sustainable design and construction methods to communities who need it most. We invest in the next generation of socially minded architects, engineers, and construction managers by addressing and anticipating the ecological, economic and social issues shaping the built environment today and tomorrow.

Because if we want a better world, we have to build one.

What We Do?

Human-Centered Design

A 9 month, full time program that coordinates senior architecture students with real world humanitarian projects.

RED Studio Internship

Research Education and Design (RED) Studio is a 10 week internship program for upper level architecture students.

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How about Some Facts about our organization?

Thousand miles traveled to sites
Students worked with to date
Designs completed
Projects completed

“These young professionals are THE NEXT GENERATION OF WORLD CHANGERS. The Journeyman International model is innovative and business savvy. The US Green Build Council will continue to support and sponsor this effort.”

-Rick Fedrizzi, President USGBC

Our students work with clients to assess their greatest need and develop a design and construction game plan.

Cameroon Think-Tank

Philippines Orphanage, Training Center and Church

Espace Community Center

Sunzu Library

Belize Dental Clinic

Guadalajara Orphanage

Bahir Dar Hospital

Ofelen Lakay Orphanage

Community Development Center

“JI empowered our organization giving us the technical and professional services needed to see our vision succeed.”

-John Lock, President Global Health Services

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Who we are?

We are JI

Meet our team who work tirelessly to provide opportunities for students and community partners across the globe.

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Daniel Wiens

Founder & President
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Serhino Espinosa

RED Studio Assistant Director
member photo

Steph Fellows

Operations Director
member photo

Andrew Goodwin

RED Studio Director
member photo

Megan Snyder

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Trevor Chayce

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Anna Guenther

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Travis Cook

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Carly Althoff

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Kyle Rogers

2014/2015 Intern
member photo

Meganne DesRosier

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Jonathan Allen

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Gilbert Garzon

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Nicole Thompson

2014/2015 Designer
member photo

Jessica Kuhlman

2014/2015 Designer

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Founder, Daniel Wiens, was interviewed on the Podcast StartingGood

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Phone: 805.952.5469

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