Humanitarian Projects Needing Volunteers

Entry DateJanuary 10, 2018

What is the name of the project?

dream village training centre

Organization name

dream village

What country is the project located?



Primary contact

manzi Norman


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International Phone Number


Is the organization capable and agreeable to communicating several times per week during the design stage?


Explain the humanitarian need for this project and how this project can meet the need.

dream village has been spending alot to train its beneficiaries on training centres. the constructed centre will lower the cost of hiring and will help us to reach out to many of the participants hence meeting our vision.

What is the mission statement of the organization you represent?

To create an arena when HIV positive young adults and youth can nurture their dreams and visions and cause positive change in their communities.

What humanitarian category does the project best fit under?

vocational centre

Describe the current budget situation. Is the land owned outright? What has been spent on the project and what is the estimated remaining costs? What is the strategy for attaining outstanding funds? Please provide as many specifics as possible.

The total budget is around 30.000 USD. so far around 10.000 USD has fund raised . we hope to reach our target once we have a plan in place as most of other parteners are asking for a plan from a reputable organisation like yours.

Describe the land situation. Has land been procured? Has a site been selected? Was land donated from the local government? Is a deed in-hand? Is the organization currently looking for land?

the organisation has land and the site for the construction has been selected. the land was donated by the individual not the government.

What is typical price per square meter for construction in this region?

Around 20,000 RWF. its an estimate

Is the organization capable of hosting (transportation, lodging, translation, safety, etc.) designer site visits? Design teams typically consist of 2-6 people and stay for 7 days.

yes, we can at the local standard in the country.

What are the specific program desires for the project. How many buildings, stories, and floor plan square meters? Provide a detailed list of rooms desired and their specific intent.

we would love to have a two stoyed building
ground floor
a training centre
a kitchen
two small offices
a small washroom
upper floor
4 rooms that are all self contained.
however we hope we can adjust accordingly with your support.

Provide any additional information that should be considered.

we would like an eco friendly centre that is cost effective

Explain the desired timeline from the project. When do you hope to start and finish construction? Will construction occur in phases?

we would love to have the plan ready by April 2018 and we hope to start construction by may 2018 . we hope to do construction once

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