Humanitarian Projects Needing Volunteers

Entry DateMarch 5, 2018

What is the name of the project?

The Barn

Organization name

Camille Place

What country is the project located?

United States


Primary contact

Caroline Garner


Email hidden; Javascript is required.

US Phone Number

(404) 839-1818

Is the organization capable and agreeable to communicating several times per week during the design stage?


Explain the humanitarian need for this project and how this project can meet the need.

The girls who come to Camille Place are in need of physical and mental healing. The Barn will give them a place to fellowship, exercise, watch movies, play games, study the Bible, and unwind. These girls have to stay on campus during their time at Camille Place. A space to be active and to hang out will allow them to get outside of the home and school to enjoy just being the girls they were not able to be while in slavery.

What is the mission statement of the organization you represent?

Our mission is to provide homes and services to girls under the age of 18 who have been traumatized through sexual exploitation. Our goal is to empower and restore victims through the renewal of body, soul, and spirit.

What humanitarian category does the project best fit under?

recreational/activity building

Describe the current budget situation. Is the land owned outright? What has been spent on the project and what is the estimated remaining costs? What is the strategy for attaining outstanding funds? Please provide as many specifics as possible.

land owned.
budget TBD.

Describe the land situation. Has land been procured? Has a site been selected? Was land donated from the local government? Is a deed in-hand? Is the organization currently looking for land?

land owned.

Is the organization capable of hosting (transportation, lodging, translation, safety, etc.) designer site visits? Design teams typically consist of 2-6 people and stay for 7 days.


What are the specific program desires for the project. How many buildings, stories, and floor plan square meters? Provide a detailed list of rooms desired and their specific intent.

ideas pinned on pinterest. photos from those shared on google drive.

Provide any additional information that should be considered.

security to monitor/control who can enter and leave the building is needed. the atmosphere should be homey, clean, and safe.

Explain the desired timeline from the project. When do you hope to start and finish construction? Will construction occur in phases?

would like to start design in next 60 days and be completed 90 days there after