Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Although most projects have been designed for developing countries, JI will adopt projects anywhere that has humanitarian needs. 

The JI Curriculum was developed with the intent of fitting into a professor’s curriculum.  Professors have the ability to adopt the JI Program, and modify or adjust deliverables as they see fit. If the program fits within professors existing systems, it can be a fit for the university.  Contact us with further questions.  

Important Considerations:

What is the final product?

 The JI program is designed to guide students to produce the two following final deliverables.  Each student’s professor may modify these deliverables as they see fit.  We encourage all humanitarian partners to express their desires for the final deliverables.

  1. Preliminary Construction Drawings (example): A preliminary set of construction drawings that can be finalized by in-country professionals.
  2. Project Design Book (example): For the project design book, students follow a handbook that focuses on these topics:

Environment: Geography, climate, flora and fauna, site hazards, industry and economic goals, socioeconomic, history and political structure, currency, transportation, and infographics.

Social: Demographics, religion, culture, etiquette, languages, and health.

Design: Program, vernacular, circulation studies, and process.

Construct: Vision and phasing requirements, design rationale, site and grading analysis, structural systems, regional, local and site utilities, sustainability strategies, floor plans, elevations, sections, renderings, physical models, construction estimate, construction schedule, stormwater pollution prevention, safety plans, hazard mitigation, site logistics, contracts and bidding, feasibility analysis.

Not a professional service

While JI connects some of the world’s top design students and coordinates layers of quality control (professors and professional mentors), it is important to remember that they are still students. Student designers are not yet professionals and are not being paid for this work. While the JI program provides a curricular structure with levels of oversite, the resulting outcome cannot be guaranteed. We encourage you to review the ‘projects’ section of our website to see previous student projects. By selecting quality students and overseers, past partners have been thrilled with the product result.  However, a satisfied result cannot be guaranteed.

Design Liability

Journeyman International, including students, universities, and mentors hold no liability in regards to project designs.  All design and engineering work is to be reviewed, modified, and approved by legal professionals in the country of the project origin.

Not Construction Ready Documents

The JI program results in two final deliverables: a) a design book (as seen on the projects page), and b) preliminary construction drawings. It is important to note that these construction drawings are preliminary and NOT construction-ready. These documents are created to support the in-country professional who will be creating the construction-ready drawings.