Need Design?


JI recognizes that many humanitarian organizations do not have access or funding for quality design and engineering services. Our mission is to connect your qualified project needs with skilled design and construction volunteers.


Important Considerations:

The JI platform is designed to guide volunteers to produce the two following final deliverables. Note: These deliverables can be modified and we encourage all humanitarian partners to express their desires for the final deliverables.

  1. Preliminary Construction Drawings (example): A preliminary set of construction drawings that can be finalized by in-country professionals.
  2. Project Design Book (example): Our Design volunteers produce a project design book that focuses on these topics:

Environment: Geography, climate, flora and fauna, site hazards, industry and economic goals, socioeconomic, history and political structure, currency, transportation, and infographics.

Social: Demographics, religion, culture, etiquette, languages, and health.

Design: Program, vernacular, circulation studies, and process.

Construct: Vision and phasing requirements, design rationale, site and grading analysis, structural systems, regional, local and site utilities, sustainability strategies, floor plans, elevations, sections, renderings, physical models, construction estimate, construction schedule, stormwater pollution prevention, safety plans, hazard mitigation, site logistics, contracts and bidding, feasibility analysis.

JI connects some of the world’s top design volunteers, guides them with a curricular structure, and coordinates layers of quality control (professors professional mentors, in-country support, etc.); However, it is important to remember that they are volunteers (often students) and are not a paid hire. We encourage you to review the ‘projects’ section of our website to see previous projects. By selecting quality volunteers and overseers, our humanitarian partners have been thrilled with the result.  However, a satisfied result cannot be guaranteed.

Journeyman International, including volunteers, students, universities, volunteer firms, and mentors hold no liability in regards to project designs. All design and engineering work must be reviewed, modified and approved by legal professionals in the country of the project origin.

In most cases, volunteers are producing preliminary drawings, and are NOT construction-ready. These documents are created to support the in-country professional that will be creating the construction-ready drawings.

Submit a Project

  • What is the name of the organization that is spearheading this project? If there is no organization, please explain.
  • For example, "Child Hope Kenscoff Orphanage"
  • This is the primary description that will be used to advertise the project.
  • i.e.: medical, orphanage, school, vocational center, community center, church, disaster relief, etc.
  • Keep in mind that Journeyman International supports with architecture and engineering expenses, but does not contribute to 'brick and mortar' or operation expenses.
  • Journeyman designers work on specifics timelines, and the project timeline will influence the selected designer(s).
  • i.e.: political challenges, unique situations, funding specifics, etc.
  • Typically a photo of the project site is preferred. If this is not available, choose a photo that represents the mission of the organization.
  • i.e.: land photos, deeds, topography, etc.
  • i.e.: Project descriptions, grant proposals, etc.

Partner Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure working with each of the designers at Journeyman International. They brought a competence and professionalism that we would grade at an A+. We would not have been able to accomplish our goals to the level of which we did without Journeyman International!”
Matt Peace, Director of Development at Amoveo Group
“JI is on the cutting edge of providing quality, safe buildings in foreign countries. They provided solid help for our youth orphanage project in Guadalajara, Mexico. If you want top-notch work with a highly motivated leader, choose JI!”
Justin Hurst, Vice President at Enfoque Ciudad
“JI empowered our organization, giving us the technical and professional services needed to see our vision succeed.”
John Look, President at Global Health Ministries
“These young professionals are the next generation of world changers!.  The JI model is innovative and business savvy.  The US Green Build Council will continue to support and sponsor this effort!” 
Rick Fedrizzi, President of US Green Build Council
“JI has been instrumental in manifesting my vision to build an affordable health clinic in Ethiopia.  My project has come further than I imagined due to their continuous support.” 
Roza Feleke, Owner of Getnet General Clinic in Ethiopia
“JI holds true to its vision to serve in humanitarian projects around the world like ours. We’re glad to have their team rally behind our efforts for a typhoon-resistant community center as part of our sustainable efforts in Tacloban after Haiyan.” 
Zuriel Bernadino, Heroes Church
“I have reviewed the design content and all I can say is, I am absolutely amazed, in awe and humbled!  Thank you for your compassion, confidence and consistency.  One year ago this time, my dreams were safely tucked in my head, anticipating next steps and with whom, and then I found JI who trusted you with my vision and you have validated it into reality!” 
Sharon Jones, Jamaica Medical Center