Project Sponsorship and Mentorship




JI is a 501c3 non profit that is financially supported by corporate sponsorships.  HOWEVER, our method is unique in that we ask our corporate sponsors to engage in the projects as professional advisors and mentors.  We have found that industry professionals are excited and eager to be engaged with their charitable contributions.
We invite you to partner with us financially and professionally!

Benefits to Sponsorship

Staff Involvement

Sponsoring a project allows your staff the opportunity to be involved in an exciting real humanitarian project at a high level while only requiring the amount of time that is feasible for your staff.

PR Opportunities

Sponsoring a project allows for a powerful opportunity to advertise your company’s commitment to philanthropic work and student development.  Design development, site visits, and construction updates make great stories to share on social media and other marketing venues.


With student volunteers, JI screens and only selects the top architecture, engineering, and construction management students.  Sponsoring a student and project allows your firm to work with and get to know these students for a many month period prior to their graduation.

Real Impact

Our unique model of utilizing professional and student volunteer talent results in a great ‘bang for your charitable buck’.  With JI your charitable donation has a great impact.  Even if the project does not get built, the impact on the student is life-changing.


Sponsoring a project allows your firm to network with students, universities, and other sponsoring firms.

High-level Influence

With JI, volunteers perform most of the work, allowing your team to have a high level of influence with the limited amount of time you can make available. Essentially, you have a big impact without the grunt-work!

Impact of Sponsorship

Impact With Projects

As noted above, your limited involvement has a massive impact with the JI model. Sponsoring projects have brought invaluable expertise and services to projects that otherwise would not have this special opportunity.

Financial Support

The JI mission is funded entirely through these sponsorships.  Your financial support enables us to design dozens of projects around the world, and more importantly to empower the next generation of world-changers.

Impact on Students

JI’s primary objective is to ‘inspire and train the next generation of world-changers’.  I encourage you to read the student testimonials on the student page to see the impact this program has on them.

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Inquire About Sponsoring

  • i.e.: Project Manager, Architect, Structural Engineer, Humanitarian, etc.
  • The JI team will be in touch with you to discuss specifics about our mentorship/sponsorship program.
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Sponsorship Testimonials

Trevor Roberts, Past JI student designer – “My JI project thrived with the involvement of SOM who establishes a higher caliber of design – with professional critique, comes a successful design, which ultimately equates to aiding the community in need in a more direct and thoughtful manner.”

Jessica Kuhlman, Past JI student designer – “Working with professional mentors was not only a huge design encouragement but also helped prepare me for the interdisciplinary nature of this industry.”

Gilbert Garzon, Past JI student designer – “Knowing that you have extra support from professors and mentors gives you more confidence on what you are able to accomplish with your design.”

Carly Althoff, Past JI student designer – “Collaborating with BAR was incredibly easy because the firm was so excited and supportive of my endeavors through the process.  My architect mentors at BAR encouraged and challenged me as a designer, and traveling overseas with one of them made for a life-changing adventure.”

Justin Hibner, Project Architect at BAR Architects – “Participating in the Journeyman International Sponsorship program is a rewarding and exciting opportunity to become part of a philanthropic effort that is more than just a simple donation. Being part of the transformation and recovery efforts in a distant and traumatized region fulfills a desire within me to give back to society. As a practicing architect, it can be difficult to find meaning in your day to day career path, when projects take years and the social impact is limited. With the Journeyman mentorship, I am able to contribute some of my technical skills and design knowledge to improve the quality of the sponsor’s project, as well as have a direct impact on an emerging professional’s career. I am very excited to continue this partnership and see the project to completion and beyond.”

Maddie Pfeffer, Designer at BAR Architects – “Being involved in a Journeyman International project is to be a part of something larger than I imagined. Initially, it began with admiration and eagerness to help Carly fulfill her passion to help others through architecture. Over the course of this sponsorship, Carly and I developed a valuable friendship as well as supported my personal aspiration to one day teach architectural design. What I wasn’t expecting was a ripple effect in which Carly’s project would change my life. Going to the Philippines for the site visit has changed my perception of everyday appreciation and what it means to live as a community rather than individuals separated by oceans. Working with JI has guided the future of my architectural career to contribute in a purposeful and spiritual way. Carly’s thesis is uniquely extraordinary, connecting an exceptional team of creative and inspirational people. It has already influenced many lives, and I am so excited to see the effects as this vision becomes a reality.”