BRAZIL: school, designed by Jeremy Nguyen, Kotaro Kihira, Lindsey Kuster, and Kiersten Bakke

Jeremy Nguyen is a Cal Poly architecture student from San Jose, California who has chosen to bless children in Brazil by designing a bilingual school for his thesis project. He was supported by Lindsey and Kiersten with structural engineering work, and Kotaro with construction management support.  Nossa Escola da Terra, is a non profit in Brazil that aims to provide education to the poorest children in the local region.  The program will include classrooms, dining, kitchen, lodging, and and overall project masterplan.  The design team visited the project site in 2017.

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Nossa Escola da Terra
  • Sponsor(s): Available
  • Location: Brazil
  • Designer(s): Jeremy Nguyen (architecture), Lindsey and Kiersten (ARCE), and Kotaro (Construction)
  • University: Cal Poly
  • Professor: Ansgar Killing and Greg Wynn
  • Status: Design Complete


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