HAITI: Education Center designed by Heather Bing, Devin Williams, Leah George, and Owen Rice

As Part of the Life In Abundance organization’s vision for development in Haiti, this school and outreach center will help to sustainably develop the Haitian community. This project aims to empower the Haitian people through education, vocational training, and micro-enterprise efforts in such a way that these communities will begin to thrive and provide for their own people and needs. Heather, the designer from Montana State University, used her thesis project as a vision for Life In Abundance and Third Lens to use for construction of this facility.

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Third Lens Ministries
  • Sponsor(s): Available
  • Location:¬†Haiti
  • Designer(s): Heather Bing, Devin Williams, Leah George, Owen Rice
  • Status:¬†Design Complete

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