RWANDA: Sunzu Village library, designed by Andrew Goodwin

The Sunzu Village is a masterplan project that aims to bring life-changing development projects to the remove Sunzu Village in Rwanda.  The first stage is a library that is a multi-functional space inviting children, women and men to enjoy the indoor and outdoor spaces. The materials of the building consists primarily of volcanic stone, brick, and clay tile roofing.  JI Alumni Carly Althoff is working with the Sunzu Village team to develop a master plan for the village that will include a new sports complex, church, expansion to the womans co-op, campground, and several new playgrounds.

Project Details

  • Client: Dan and Frances Klinck
  • Location: Sunzu Village, Rwanda
  • Designer: RED Studio Interns, Carly Althoff, Andrew Goodwin
  • Status: Under Construction

HAITI: Ofelen Lakay Orphanage by David Gibbs
TANZANIA: Kili Centre Orphanage by Red Studio