RWANDA: Physiotherapy Center by Trevor Chayce and LSW Architects

A local nonprofit working with disabled people in rural Rwanda approached JI with a need for a new physiotherapy center. Led by long-time volunteer architect Trevor, a team from LSW Architects designed a space for rehabilitation activities, offices, and accommodation for staff. The design was made to bring ample light and air into interior spaces while providing tactile experiences throughout the building. The project was built in 2020 and is currently the only facility in Rwanda which offers such physiotherapy services to the underserved.

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Make a Difference 4 Africa
  • Sponsor(s): Available
  • Location: Rwanda
  • Designer(s): Trevor Chayce and LSW Architects
  • Status: Built
HONDURAS: Volunteer Housing by Amanda Sengstacken
HAITI: Public Health and Educational Center by Nikhita Bhagwat