RWANDA: Women’s Co-op and Library by Amanda Stahler, Tia Deharpport, Tanya Wohlfarth, and Dustin Sullivan

Volunteers Amanda Stahler, Tia DeHarpport, Tanya Wohlfarth, and Dustin Sullivan have designed a Women’s Cooperative and Library near the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda! This project is an effort to bring energy access, education, and empowerment to a village that borders an 8.5 MW solar field. We look forward to seeing this community grow and acquire more entrepreneurial opportunities for the local women!

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Empowering Villages
  • Sponsor(s): Domum Architects
  • Location: Rwanda
  • Designer(s): Amanda Stahler, Tia DeHarpport, Tanya Wohlfarth, Dustin Sullivan
  • Status: Design Complete

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