GHANA: Orphanage, designed by Brynn Cummings

Brynn is a Cal Poly architecture student from Phoenix, Arizona. Brynn chose to design for JI for her university architectural thesis because, “JI offers a unique opportunity to combine real world experience, cultural education, and acts of service.”

Brynn is designing a girls’ dorm facility for an orphanage in Ghana. The population of the orphanage has increased from 26 to 47 over the past year and half the orphans at this facility are in dire need for space. The orphanage has a plot of land and needs a big dorm for about 30 orphans. Included in the design would be a library, classrooms, water tank outdoor play space, staff/volunteer housing and a farming area.

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Volunteers for International Medical Aid
  • Sponsor(s): BAR Architects
  • Location: Ghana
  • Designer(s): Brynn Cummings (architecture student)
  • University: Cal Poly
  • Professor: Thomas di Santo
  • Status: Design Pending


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