The Mission of Kumbya Centre Association (KCA) is to provide a place of unity, rest and spiritual renewal; blending solitude and community, comfort and ecology in the natural beauty of the Kumbya peninsula. The untouched landscape of the peninsula on which it sits is almost unmatched within Rwanda, and the current buildings are highly significance However, the infrastructure that comprises the current retreat center has become rundown and unappealing for consistent use. Over the next season, we will redesign and reconstruct the peninsula’s core infrastructure and amenities to enhance Kumbya’s greatest attribute: its natural beauty.

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Kumbya Centre Association
  • Location: Kirambo, Rwanda
  • Designer(s): Joanna Nsenga and Jules Iradukunda
  • Status: Design Complete

RWANDA: Trauma-Informed Youth Center by Chloe Martin