NEPAL: leadership center, designed by Jamie Elderkin and Nick Petrarca

Jamie Elderkin is a Cal Poly Architecture from Sammamish, Washington.

Jamie does not want to wait until after graduating to help people with her architecture training.  By working on a JI humanitarian project for her university thesis project Jamie can start now and incorporate it directly into her schoolwork.

Sakcham Rural Nepal is planning to build a training centre. Their goal is to empower the local leaders, youth and women by knowledge, skills, ideas and techniques through a high standard quality-training program. Such training does not exist in Nepal. They are focusing on sustainable leadership, ethical values, project management skills, knowledge and techniques for local government officers. Sakcham Rural Nepal is planning to build a training centre in a low cost, eco-friendly but also earthquake resistant method.

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Sakcham Rural Nepal
  • Sponsor(s): Mithun
  • Location: Nepal
  • Designer(s): Jamie Elderkin (architecture student) and Nick Petrarca (structural engineering student)
  • University: Cal Poly
  • Professor: Sandy Stannard
  • Status: Design Pending


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