RWANDA: Sunzu village masterplan by Carly Althoff

The Sunzu Village is a masterplan project that aims to bring life-changing development projects to the remove Sunzu Village in Rwanda.  The first stage is a library that is a multi-functional space inviting children, women and men to enjoy the indoor and outdoor spaces out of locally-available materials. JI Director Carly Althoff is working with the Sunzu Village team to develop a master plan for the village that will include a new sports complex, multipurpose center, public latrine, eco-lodge, and several new playgrounds.

Project Details

  • Client: Dan and Frances Klinck
  • Location: Sunzu Village, Rwanda
  • Designer: Carly Althoff
  • Status: Under Construction

UGANDA: Disabled Orphan School by Dipinti Kapoor
BALI: Library by Nicole Thompson