The Kisangwa Child and Youth Development Center was founded in July 2019 to support poor and vulnerable children. It takes care of 200 children, supporting them in education, socially, emotionally, providing protection, spiritual guidance and food for home consumption. Unfortunately, they do not have enough space to accommodate them at once. Volunteer designer Joanna from Kenya based in USA, dedicated her time to the creation of a beautiful social hall and Skills Training Centre to enable them to train children and caregivers with marketable skills for self-reliance.

Project Details
  • Humanitarian Partner: Kisangwa Child and Youth Development Center
  • Sponsor(s): Available
  • Location: Kisangwa, Uganda
  • Designer(s): Joanna Waliuba
  • Status: Design Complete

NIGERIA: Alternative Education Center by Maimba
INDONESIA: Primary School by Kate and local students