ZAMBIA: Community development center, designed by Samantha Nason

In an effort to reverse the downward spiral of poverty and hopelessness in Zambia, the Community Development Resource Centers will give Zambians the education and experience necessary to improve their way of life now and for future generations.

The goals of this program are to establish life changing skills and education including a controlled demonstration farm that will give students effective practical training for future community projects. This will empower Zambians to succeed by giving them additional tools for agricultural improvements, business development, and education (nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation).

Project Details
  • Client: Seed of Hope International Partnership
  • Location: Ndola, Zambia
  • Designer: Samantha Nason and Kate Taylor-Keeling
  • Status: Designs completed
ETHIOPIA: Bahir Dar Hospital by Tyler Thomas and Katherine Aalund
GHANA: Akatsi Secondary School by Anna Nagasugi