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February 6, 2018

Marie Dromain


ENSA Paris Val de Seine


July 2020


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(068) 142-7191

18 chemin des hermieres
Francheville 69340

18 chemin des hermieres




University Undergraduate Student

I started to participate in humanitarian projects as soon as I could, at 18, in South Africa. This was such a rewarding experience that I pursued in this way in parallel of my studies in architecture. I had the opportunity to do an internship in an association in Cambodia, and this time I would like to do a project in the long term, living in a community, learning their customs and their way of life. The human side of an adventure like this is as important, or even more, than the architectural side.
I decided to make a gap year between my license and my master to be able to leave at least 9 months. The main criteria would be to be in a Spanish-speaking Latin American country because it is a language, a culture and landscapes that interest me particularly.
I also would like to do the adventure with Juliette Pornon who is an engineer, and with whom I am very complicit. We would like to find a project with a real local need, the goal is not to impose ourselves but to use everyone's knowledge to build together. Also, we would like it to be a small or medium sized project to be able to think it deeply.
I am fortunate to be helped and supported by Ismail El Kasmi who made me discover and included me in the association and who is on it to continue in this way.

Outline your time availability

I would like to start in september 2018, for 9 months or more in full-time. I can also work from now to prepare the project.

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