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June 29, 2018

Menka Desai


Architecture and Urban Design


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(915) 239-3852

505, Panchsheel - 4/B, Raheja Township
Malad East
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400097


505, Panchsheel - 4/B, Raheja Township

Malad East





Creating better and healthy environments for communities that do not have that luxury, is an excruciatingly slow but an extremely satisfying step towards giving each and everyone a life that they deserve. There is success in each of these steps taken towards the betterment of humanity. It is a continuous process that requires constant deliberation.

Visiting my grandfather in a small village called Haripura in Gujarat State of India made me experience rural life regularly since from an early age. I have seen how it is to have a lack of sanitary and hygienic conditions, lack of common amenities like a community center, a school or even a doctor’s clinic. It is my desire to utilize my potentials and skills as an Architect to help communities like my own.

Now after graduating as an Architect in India and as an Urban Designer in the United States, I am currently freelancing in Mumbai for some small projects. But I would love to spend the majority of my time and energy working for community upbringing and implementing the kind of Architecture that would be cherished and would be embraced by the people who will use it. Having a keen interest in regional vernacular architecture, working with various humanitarian organizations will be the most appropriate for me.

I have a predilection for designing and planning and relevant work experience of three years in this field. It would be a great opportunity for me if I could be a part of the design team or be a part of the on site implementation team or both. Any amount of international travel is not a problem for me.

Outline your time availability

Starting from 1st of august, I am definitely available for minimum one year. Depending on the project on hand, I can dedicate almost full time hours every week, that is, around 35-40 hours.

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