RWANDA: dairy education center, designed by Tola Thomas

Tola Thomas is a Cal Poly Architecture student from Antioch, California.  Tola sees JI as an opportunity to take the next leap in becoming the person he wants to be. He knows it is a huge challenge, and is excited for the opportunity to do humanitarian design.

The Artisanal Cheesemaking Centre of Excellence (‘ACCE’) is a non profit dedicated to the advancement of safe dairy education in Rwanda. ACCE was launched in response to dairy and food-processing sectors defined by poor quality products and processes.

By building a dairy, ACCE will:

    • serve cheesemakers by offering hands-on trainings and short-courses in proper cheese production techniques
    • serve cheese consumers through the production of cheese varieties not available from domestic producers, lowering prices, offsetting imports and increasing demand for cheese improved dairying practices and functioning as a model processor and center for training and knowledge
    • serve the poor through job and opportunity creation, milk purchasing, encouraging rural cheesemaking
Project Details


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